About Samarpan DOT Center

The trust is running two Ayurvedic Charitable Dispensaries in Trilok Puri areas of Delhi, which is a re-settlement colony. In both dispensaries we treat more than 250 patients per month suffering from common diseases and providing medicines free of cost. Samarpan DOTS centre was allotted on 1st May, 2007 to Samarpan Trust by the Delhi Govt under RNTCP program. Since the allotment of the DOT center, we are distributing medicines to the TB patients in our allotted areas in Trilokpuri Block 22,23,24,25,26,27 and two Jhuggi campus near Trilokpuri Block 22 & 27. In this campaign we are distributing medicines not even in this area, but those also which are referred to us outside of this area.