About Samarpan Trust (Regd)

More than ten years of dedicated service and successful implementation of a large number of developmental as well as welfare activities especially for the marginalized poor and backward sections of the urban and rural population, increased support and participation from people‚Äôs part have made SAMARPAN TRUST a name synonym with urban and rural development. 

The Head Quarter of Samarpan Trust is situated at Delhi, which is a national capital of India. The Trust was established on 14.10.2004 and was registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 with registration number 15737/4. The trust is also registered under Income Tax Act 12 AA vide certificate No. DIT (E) 2004-05/5-4276/04/3 dated 8.4.2005 & 80G vide certificate No. DIT (E) 2006-2007/S-4276/2539 dated 21.11.06. 

The Trust avowed to promote, facilitate and conduct developmental activities in professional and scientific manner aiming at the sustainable development of its function. The emphasis was given to women empowerment through Micro Credits and Income Generation programmes. 

The Trust is a Social Service Organization which keeps a broad humanitarian out look on reaching out to the people irrespective of Caste, Creed and Gender. The Trust has carried out several developmental activities, sensitization programmes, awareness sessions and trainings to fulfill the objectives of sustainable developmental in a professional and scientific manner along with team work. Recently the organization aiming at self reliant and empowered Communities in east Delhi and Shahjahanpur and Budaun Districts of Uttar Pradesh.