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Rare Publications

Her is the list of our all rate publication collections, which are more than 50 yeras old. Go to the catalogue. These publications can be purchased from our mail catague by searching the perticular publication. Go to the main catalogue

  Journal  Tittle    Volume    Issue    Year    Editor    Publisher    Country
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  Book  Tittle    Author    Publisher    Edition    Year    Country
Flora of the Presidency of Bombay Theodore Cooke Botanical Survey of India 3 1908 India
Imaging for Forensics and Security Bouridane Springer 2009 United Arab Emirates
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Guzmán Springer 2009 United States
Successful Decision-making Grünig Springer 2 2009 United States
Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering Ben-Daya Springer 2009 United States
Bioinformatics Ramsden Springer 2 2009 United States
Diagnostic Hematology Beck Springer 2009 United States
Flexible AC Transmission Systems: Modelling and Control Zhang Springer 2 2012 United States
Edible Medicinal And Non Medicinal Plants Lim Springer 2015 United States
Geographic Information Science and Mountain Geomorphology Bishop 2004 United States
Guide to Cost Audit D.K. Jain Bharath Book House 1 2012 India
The Art of Synthesis Alan Leo Fox, Jones & Co. Part II 1926 United Kingdom
The Flora Of The Presidency Of Bombay Cooke,Theodor Bio-Green Books 1 1903 India
  CD  Tittle    Author    Code    Duration    Year    Country
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