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Selection & Budget control

At a time when library budgets are coming under increasing pressure, it pays to be intelligent about how you manage your money.

From individual articles to full-scale journal subscriptions and eBooks, RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd can provide you with a range of handy budget support tools, saving you money by putting the facts at your fingertips and helping you compare content prices and conditions, quickly and easily.

Manage journal and eBook costs more effectively

To make your journal and eBook purchasing more cost-effective, you’ll have access to one of the largest catalogs available to allow you to access the content you need, quickly, 24/7. Compare prices from different vendors and analyze the largest databank of standard publisher license conditions in the industry. We’ll keep you updated on policy changes and title moves and use our Serials Price Increase Report to anticipate price changes that may affect your budget.

Easier article purchasing

Our document delivery service is there for you to utilize for all your STM article needs. Set up precise purchasing and approval requirements and ensure that your budget remains firmly under control. For every piece of content you consider purchasing, you’ll receive a customized quotation that helps you decide whether the price is right.