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What is a subscription agency?

A subscription agency is an intermediary between institutions and corporations and the publishers of journals and periodicals. They manage all the myriad mundane administrative requirements such as currency exchange, invoicing and order tracking, maintaining updated databases of titles and title changes, ISSNs, prices, number of issues per annum, etc. that go into ensuring that the organization has direct and timely access to information.

What should I look for in a subscription agency?
Your subscription agency will help you in more ways than one. Part of the solutions offered will include:

  • Provision up-to-date journal and price information, and availability, licensing and access of electronic journals
  • Handle back issues
  • Provide clear, detailed invoices as per your specifications
  • Efficiently process your existing and new subscription orders and manage the renewal process
  • Work to mitigate your losses in the event of missing issues or lost issue claims.
  • Inform you on delays in publication, title changes, etc.
  • Work with you effectively for budgeting and finance management pertaining to subscriptions
  • Provide reports and advice to help librarians manage their collections
  • Render foreign exchange services when paying the publisher in the appropriate currency and at the appropriate rate as declared in publishers' price lists or such other agreement
  • Provide publishers with appropriate information on customers to enable them to deliver postal copies and make electronic journals available.

Why RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd.?

  • Simplicity and convenience are the hallmarks of our service.
  • The widest range of subscription categories to choose from.
  • Whatever be the form of literature, be it print journals, online subscriptions, or even CD ROM databases, we manage it all.
  • Partner-of-choice for subscriptions for numerous institutions for over four decades.
  • Close relationships with publishers worldwide.

- If you are interested in subscribing to any of the packages, please write in a mail to us at rflibraryservices@vsnl.net  





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