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Data intelligence

Profitable business growth depends on data. Data to find out how well your business is performing. Data to uncover opportunities and monitor threats. Data to make the right business decisions.

Our market insight services can provide you with that data and assist you in your quest for growth. Handling millions of customer transactions each year, we generate vast amounts of valuable data on content suppliers, libraries, consortia and customers of all sizes - and we make this data available to you so that you can make informed decisions and develop intelligent strategies at either a local or global level.

Key benefits for publishers
  • Expand your business by using our data to make informed decisions
  • Identify opportunities and monitor threats
  • Benchmark your performance and spot gaps in the market

“How do our sales across Asia compare to the STM (scientific, technical and medical) publishers of a similar size?”

“Can you undertake a gap analysis comparing sales of our titles to competitor titles? We need to know which customers to target in specific countries and market segments across different disciplines.”

“Can RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd help us make sure we’re targeting the right groups - we need to ensure we’re in their budgets for next year?”

Document Delivery Service

If you want to refine the sales focus of your business and get a clearer picture of the publishing market and where you sit in it, take advantage of our market insight services, choose from the following options:

Market Insights Premium

If you’re serious about expanding your global reach, you need the right data to make informed decisions and build intelligent strategies.

RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd’ Market Insights Premium allows you to take advantage of customized reports, compiled by our talented team of in-house specialists, that give you tailored information relevant to your organization and goals.

  • Customized reports that give you data to help you make the right business decisions
  • Targeted, calculated and data-driven gap analyses and lead generation
  • Find new customers in specific markets and up sell to existing ones
Key benefits for publishers

Answer detailed questions to inform your marketing strategy

We’re able to build reports around very specific queries you may have. Queries such as…

“I would like a report that identifies academic customers in France and Germany who spent between 200 and 800 Euro on Physics titles last year.”

“Which customers purchase medical titles from medium and large STM publishers but not from me?”

You can ask us for reports on any combination of criteria, including product subject classifications, customer and publisher sector, region and country, subscription start date, order value and more.

Target prospects more effectively and make your budget go further

At RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd, we understand that targeted reach is the secret to high return on investment. That’s why our aim is to match publishers with customers to ensure that your content is only getting seen by the people who will actually be interested in it. We make use of numerous datasets to analyze new business opportunities, market reach and industry trends, cross-referencing data from thousands of transactions to produce a targeted database that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stand out from the crowd

With the real-time visibility you’ll gain into the markets in which you operate, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing messages to achieve competitive differentiation. We can tell you exactly who is purchasing your product and we can shed light on their buying behavior. You’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses to see where you need to improve your offering relative to the competition, and you’ll be in a position to access new markets before others in your industry.

Start streamlining your marketing activities today by clicking the button below to request a quote. You may also be interested in Market Insights in RFLSWise, which enables you to benchmark your performance quickly and easily using intuitive online dashboards.

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  • Functionalities

Any business relies on data to make informed decisions, but it’s particularly true of publishers, who need to know how their publications are performing within different markets and sectors in order to target marketing strategies effectively and boost visibility of their content.

Market Insights in RFLSWise gives publishers a quick and easy way of gaining access to this information, using a straightforward online interface with intuitive dashboard reporting.

  • Monitor the success of publications in a range of markets and performance categories
  • Exploit detailed data to gain competitive edge
  • Get an instant overview of financial, commercial and performance KPIs

The detail you need for intelligent insights

Market Insights in RFLSWise gives you access to a wealth of data that allows you to draw intelligent and accurate conclusions, including bibliographic, subscription and financial details. You can generate reports with details such as renewal ratio, average product price, value and number of non-renewed subscriptions and e-access ratio.

Benchmark yourself against the competition

Our data comes from 20 million RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd customers, publishers and global content providers, and allows you to build up a clear picture of how your organization and content compare with those of your competitors. This also enables you to identify important industry and market trends that will put you in a stronger position to develop strategic marketing plans.

Market Insights in RFLSWise can be accessed via RFLSWise Publisher edition that is made available to you as part of our enhanced service offering.

Request a demonstration today and start reaping the rewards of good data.