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User access & discovery

Get maximum value from your content by ensuring users can always find the content they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Is your content being used to its full potential?

If you want to get maximum value from it, it should be. That’s why we offer a number of optional modules for RFLSWise that help users find content in your collection swiftly and easily.

With RFLSWise, you can benefit from our intelligent 2nd generation federated search tool, a comprehensive gateway access portal, an A-Z holdings list, and our intuitive Open URL Link Resolver.

Make your collection cost-effective

Ensuring that every piece of content in your collection is easily accessible and discoverable is crucial to running your library in a cost-effective manner - particularly important at a time when budgets are increasingly being squeezed. Whether it’s a print journal, an eBook, conference proceedings or any other kind of content, it’s not earning its keep if it isn’t being seen and used. The technology we offer for improving the access and discovery of your content makes your collection work harder for you, as well as making your users’ lives easier - and yours!

Shelf-ready Delivery

Get more from your library collection by streamlining the delivery and access of all your content, both print and digital..

There’s no point in spending lots of time making careful decisions about which content to acquire if your users can’t then find that content when they need it.

That’s why we’re here to help you get more from your library collection by streamlining the delivery and access of all your content, both print and digital.

We’ll help you ensure that content is available and accessible at all times, assist you with consolidating print journals for shelf-ready delivery and help you when you need to claim and resolve access to missing content.

Unbeatable access management support

At RFLS, we’re experienced in resolving complex access management issues, and we’re at the end of the phone if you encounter any problems. You’ll never need to worry about loss of access to any title thanks to our proactive claiming processes. You’ll also be able to consolidate print deliveries to receive shelf-ready literature as often as it suits you.