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Licenece Managmenet support

Maintain license agreements with minimal time and effort by having a single place to keep track of everything.

Do you often find it a struggle to stay on top of license agreements for content you have purchased?

It is one of the most common problems we hear from our community of library professionals. To help you, we’ve developed a sophisticated support network to support your efforts, utilizing our unrivalled expertise and the industry’s largest pre-populated database of standard license conditions.

From precise title information to uploading copies of actual signed licenses, RFLSWise technology helps you run the often challenging process of managing your license agreements with minimum fuss, allowing you to meet the needs of your users whilst remaining on the right side of the law.

Improved workflow - minimum effort

Our software is designed to minimize the effort required to manage your license agreements, offering you a single place to keep track of the status of each license, as well as the resources covered by the license and the usage rights that apply to them. You’ll have access to detailed information on licenses you’ve signed, and you’ll be able to customize them to reflect your individual publisher agreements, keeping you in full control of your own electronic resources. Changes to licensed titles, such as title moves, will be tracked automatically, and the whole process will be conveniently tracked within the RFLSWise platform.

Consolidation Services

It can be a logistical challenge to manage print journal deliveries from a variety of sources and get them ready for putting on the shelf. At RFLS, we’re here to help you meet this challenge by offering you a consolidated delivery service for shelf-ready publications.

Our consolidated deliveries give you a superior service to direct delivery, even for irregular publications. We can add customized labels to your journals so that they’re ready to go out on the shelf as soon as you receive them, and you can choose how often you want to receive deliveries for maximum convenience.

Key benefits for libraries

  • Receive print journals in a single shipment for easy check-in
  •  Automated claims for missing or late issues
  • Have your journals customized ready for immediate shelving

Increase your productivity

You’ll receive all your journals in a single shipment, with a packing list and automatic check-in process that allows you to check in hundreds of titles all in one go. Late or missing issues will be claimed automatically so that you don’t have to.

Customized options for shelf-ready delivery

We want the journals we deliver to you to be ready for you to put straight on the shelf, so we offer a number of customized options, including bundling of journal packages for specific departments, data and name stamping, security strips and circulation lists.

Shipping options you can trust

You can decide whether you’d prefer shipping via ground or air, and your delivery is guaranteed through couriers with special delivery services, not the regular mail. You’ll have complete access to the status of your shipment through rflibraryservices.com, 24/7. We have Consolidation centers across the globe, and we’re committed to processing shipments quickly and reliably.

Take advantage of smarter deliveries now

If you like the sound of our Consolidation services and fancy reducing your admin duties, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.

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