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Tele sale & representation

One of the challenges publishers face is promoting their publications in a global marketplace. It’s often too expensive to maintain offices in all the countries in which you want visibility, and this makes it difficult to run effective sales campaigns in these areas. Even local sales campaigns can present difficulties when you’re pushed for time and lack the right contacts.

That’s where RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd’ sales services come in. With sales teams around the world, and strong relationships in place with the key buyers, our status as a trusted brand means we’re perfectly placed to get your publications into the right libraries, institutions, companies and organizations - increasing both your revenue and your local and global presence.

Key benefits for publishers

1.Cost-effectively build your brand and increase global and local visibility for your titles

2.Reach new markets around the world

3.Work with an established, experienced team of trusted sales professionals

The complete solution for your global sales

It’s up to you whether you simply want us to work alongside your existing sales team or act as your sales department. We offer the complete range of sales activities, including attending face-to-face meetings, cold-calling new customers, building a network in which to introduce your content to buyers, and running telesales campaigns. What’s more, we will work with you to develop a sales plan based on mutual customer and prospect lists.

Targeted campaigns - wherever and whenever you need them

Outsource to our sister company Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd., who have experienced sales professionals that will build, accurately target and execute direct selling or renewal campaigns, using their in-depth knowledge of local markets and utilizing their strong and rapidly growing network of contacts to get your publications in front of the organizations and markets you want to reach out to. The Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd teams can communicate with key players in their own languages, with established sales representation in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Alternatively if you want to specifically target your RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd customers, we can act as a sales channel and work together with our Commercial and Service teams who have strong relations with your customers, to create a tailored campaign.

Comprehensive reporting for complete accountability

We’ll provide comprehensive reports to show you which titles we’ve sold and where we’ve sold them, so you’ll have all the data you need to demonstrate internally that we’re proving our worth.

However involved you want us to be in your sales activities, you can be confident that we’ll provide a cost-effective way for you to break into new markets and grow your brand - and revenue. Request a consultation today and see how we can accelerate your business growth.

Please mail us for more information to rflibraryservices@rflibraryservices.com