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Customer retention

With so much effort and resource naturally being put into expanding the reach and visibility of your publications to new markets, it can be easy to overlook an equally important group of people: your existing customers.

At RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd, we know that maximizing renewal rates is vital to your bottom line, and we’re here to help you with the time-consuming process of contacting your customers and encouraging them to continue subscribing to your titles.

Our services are designed to free up your time, with automated renewal chasing providing three levels of automated reminders in the months and weeks leading to the subscription expiry date. What’s more, our talented sales managers will help you analyze renewals data and engage with your customers to achieve maximum renewal rates for your publications.

Encouraging customers to make timely renewals

As well as being proactive in contacting customers to remind them that their subscription is up for renewal, we’ve also built effective renewal reminders into our services for libraries. Our RFLSWise platform for libraries makes use of simple Traffic Light Indicators so that customers can immediately see which of their subscriptions are expiring (green), active (amber) or lapsed (red).