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eBook Services

Purchasing eBooks for your library can be time-consuming. It's often difficult to ascertain if a particular title is actually available as an eBook, but even when it is there are a number of factors that add complexity to the acquisition process. A lack of agreement on industry standards, varied platform features and subtly different use of language when describing licenses are just some of the issues that make it difficult to see exactly what you’re purchasing. The result of all this is that you may find it difficult to compare one acquisition choice with another.

RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd has established an extensive, neutral eBook catalog (in RFLS Wise), containing more than a million eBooks from over 43 publishers and aggregators for easy comparison and a streamlined acquisition process.

RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd offers the industry’s largest one-stop shop of eBook publishers and aggregators in one online location.

With this eBook service you can:

  • Quickly locate the eBooks you need, accessible 24/7  
  • Compare vendor pricing and features title by title across publishers and aggregators  
  • Choose the purchasing option that suits your budget. Popular acquisition models include:
  • Pick & choose in perpetuity
  • Subject collections in perpetuity
  • Patron driven collections through aggregators in perpetuity
  • Annual subscription collections
  • Support electronic content requests even further and stimulate usage
  • Receive expert consultation on how best to develop your collection

RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd is always up-to-date on the eBook market, giving us the leading edge in offering content in the formats you and your end users require.