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Subscription Builder

Maintaining a high renewal rate for your subscriptions is vital in safeguarding your revenue, but it can be challenging to maintain visibility of your brand across many countries, particularly when faced with a language barrier.

RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd’ Subscription Builder allows you to run targeted renewal campaigns, minimizing loss of business through non-renewals, and allowing you to develop a better understanding of why some customers don’t renew.

Key benefits for publishers

Meet and exceed your renewal targets across multiple countries

Run targeted renewal and telemarketing campaigns in local languages

Understand reasons for non-renewal with comprehensive reporting

We’ll do the hard work for you

With our Subscription Builder, we phone RF Library Services Pvt. Ltd customers on our own behalf and use our existing relationships to speak directly with the decision-maker regarding renewing your subscription. This helps us gain a positive outcome, even if the customer chooses not to renew, as we’re able to supply you with details of why they decided to cancel. Because we have detailed knowledge of all our customer accounts, we’re also alert to issues such as budget cuts and moves to eDeals, which may affect a customer’s decision to renew.

The cost-effective way to raise renewal rate

Subscription Builder offers cost effective set-up and call fees than you’ll find elsewhere; we simply earn commission on the subscriptions we renew, minimizing financial risk for you. This makes it a cost-effective way of increasing your renewal rate with minimal effort required from you.

To take advantage of this unique and customized service, get in touch today to request a quote.