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Distribution Services

Reduced Delivery Time

All journals meant for India and Indian Subcontinent is sent to our address in India. Thus reducing the transit time and loss. The Journals are safely in the hands of the subscribers normally within 8-10 weeks of delivery at our Delhi or Kochi warehouse. Since we airfreight the journals on weekly basis as well thus our service is very much viable for the weekly journals too.

Assured Deliveries

All the issues are recorded in our computerized system and then repacked and sent to the respective end-users by reliable, renowned international courier. Issues sent to the subscribers can be traced anywhere in between i.e. right from our office to its destination via online. We insist our subscribers to acknowledge the receipt of journals and the acknowledgements are recorded for verification at a later stage if required.

Claims Handling

The delivery of the issues is recorded in our system which enables us to handle claims received from the subscribers ensuring that only genuine are forwarded to the publishers. Often as we know that the issues have been received and forwarded to the subscriber, our system preempts claims.

Reduced Claims

Our system ensures the number of agencies like postal system, customs and various other agencies are eliminated. This means reduced claims. Our experience is that claims can go down by as much as 35 to 40%.

Maximum and Timely Renewals

The quantum of missing issues/non received issues is a major criteria in the decision for renewals. Assured delivery means satisfied subscriber and better renewals. Otherwise also regular renewal and reminders are sent to all the un renewed clients on regular intervals.

Status on the web

Supply status of issues to the respective subscribers can be tracked by going to our website.

We have also made arrangements with our courier agency to be able to track the packets from the moment they leave our office till they are delivered to the addressee.

The publisher can also find out from our website the exact delivery position of the journals for each subscriber.